Research & Development

R&D is the key for any pharmaceutical industry. Although there is lot of knowledge in the ancient text of ayurveda R&D is neccesary to make it suitable in todays context. We have a team of dedicated scientists and pharmacist

Quality Control

All the products are quality-controlled products.

We are having Chemical, instrumental microbiological laboratory which are equipped with latest instruments. On receiving the raw material/ finished products it is sent to the labs for quality control for it’s identity as per specification from pharmacopoeia. In Chemical Laboratory following tests:


  1. Weight of each pill / tablet
  2. Hardness
  3. Disintegration test
  4. Friability
  5. PH


  1. Loss on drying
  2. Ash value
  3. Acid insoluble ash value
  4. Water soluble extractive
  5. Alcohol soluble extractive
  6. Acid value
  7. Saponification value
  8. Lodine value
  9. Assay for copper, iron, lead, arsenic, etc.


⦁ We use modern machines for manufacturing & packing of our products.
⦁ Techniques used for manufacturing are strictly as per the ancient text & Ayurvedic pharmacopeias.
⦁ All the products passes strict quality control procedures our product are free from pathogens.
⦁ We have designed our packing so that the goods remain stable for longtime. Please keep the container closed & in a cool dry place for longer shelf life.
⦁ All the premises of our factory are periodically fumigated to control the microbes & pests.
In microbiological lab we carry out following test,

1) Insects and fungal infection:

On receiving raw material as well as finished products it is checked its identity as per specification given from pharmacopoeia
Macroscopically and microscopically checked for:
⦁ Insects
⦁ Pests
⦁ Fungi
⦁ Other animal matter
⦁ Animal Excreta
⦁ Mould

2) Organoleptic Test:

⦁ Colour
⦁ Odour
⦁ Taste
⦁ Fungi and Moulds are checked after treatment with 10% KOH
All above tests specification limits are given in individual monograph under the head of foreign matter.
Plant based drugs normally carry a great number of Bacteria and Mould often originating in the soil.

We determine the quality of products by determining E.coli and Mould. Also we are controlling the microbial count by performing the following test.
⦁ Total Bacteria count
⦁ Total Fungal count
⦁ E.coli
⦁ Salmonelia
⦁ S. Aureus
⦁ Pseudomonas

We ensure that the Product is free from Pathogens.