Omni Stopton Tablet

Indication: Mutra-Krish [Dysuria], Mutra-ghat [Urinary Obstruction], Ashmari, Mutra-dosh
[Urinary Disorders], Mutral, Mutra-daah [Burning Micturation], Mutra-sarkara[Urinary Calculus]
Dosage:02-03 teaspoonfull two times a day.


Each tablet Contains:
Gokhru Tribulus terrestris                 50mg
Pashanbhed   Bergenia ligulata       60mg
Varun  Cratavea nurvala                      20mg
Punarnava  Boerhavia diffusa          100mg
Palash      Butea monosperma            25mg
Apamarg    Achyranthes aspera        25mg
Sahdevi   Vernonia cineria                    25mg
Lajwanti  Mimosa pudica                       25mg
Shilajit shudh          AFI                              20mg
Hajral yahud Bhasam     AFI                  20mg
Shvet parpati            AFI                             20mg

Dosage:              02-03tablets Two Times a day.


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