Omni Power Capsule

Indication: This medicine has vajikaran (aphrodisiac), stambhan, Virya vardhak(oligozoospermia) property. It boosts the energy of body.
Dosage: 1-2 capsule two times a day with milk.



Each Capsule Contains:

Alpinia Galangal Wind(Kulanjan) 90mg,
Cod Liver Oil (Regmahi)40mg,
Amber Gris(amber)10mg,
Cinnamomnum Zeylanicum (Dalchini) 15mg,
Crocus Sativus Linn (Kesar) 20mg,
Myristica Fragrans (Jatiphal) 50mg,
Malbaricum Lani (Javitri) 50mg,
Moschus Moschiferous (Kastoori)100mg,
Strychnos Nux Vomica Linn (Kupilu)10mg,
Copper Pyrite (Swaran makshik) 115mg.


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