Omni Kam Kala Capsule

Indication: This medicine has Vajikaran (aphrodisiac)property. It increases Libido, stamina and used in nadi-dorbalta, sanayau-dorbalta.
Dosage: 1-2 capsule two times a day.


Crocus Sativus Linn 02mg,
Myristica Fragrans 25mg,
Malabaricum Lani 25mg,
Papaver Somniferum Linn 20mg,
Anacyclus Pyrethrum DC 30mg,
Gold 500mcg,
Ferrum 30mg,
Withania Somnifera Linn Dunpal 80mg,
Mucuna Prurita Hook 80mg,
Swaran Bang 50mg,
Strychnos Nux vomica Linn 30mg,
Maschus Moschiperus 30mg,
Asparagus Racemosus Wild 30mg,
Asparagus Adscendens 30mg,
Asphaltum Panjabinum 37.5mg


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