Hing Washtak Churan

Indication: It acts as Stomachics. Useful in Indigestion [aruchi], Flatulence [aadhman], Hyperacidity [amalpitta], Sprue [grahani], Jaundice [Pandu], Diarrhoea [Atisaar]
Dosage: 1-4 gm with water, butter milk, ghee



Reference book: Bhajgya Ratnavali

Each 10gm churan contain:
Zingiber officinale 1.4gm,
Piper longum Linn 1.4gm,
Piper nigrum Linn 1.4gm,
Carum roxburghianum 1.4gm,
Black salt 1.4gm,
Cuminum cyminum 1.4gm,
Carum bulbocastanum 1.4gm,
Ferula northex .17gm


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